Waanzinnig Autumn menu



Iranian falafels

Delicious falafels with chilli dip, garlic sauce and cowl salad.

Vegan │ Allergens : Soya, gluten


Seasoned crêpes

Lovely seasoned crêpes with hummus, eggplant, red union and cheese.

Vegetarian │ Allergens : gluten, milk (incl. lactose)


Crème brûlée of goat cheese

Crème brûlée of goat cheese with pear mustard and kletzenbread.

Vegetarian │ Allergens : milk (incl. lactose), nuts, mustard and egg


Homesmoked halibut

Great delicious home smoked halibut with chicory salad and honey mint dressing

Fish │ Allergens : Fish


Chorizo ​​croquettes

Tasty home-made chorizo ​​croquettes with olive dip

Meat │ Allergens : egg, gluten, milk (incl. lactose)


Main courses:

Risotto of pearl gort

Delicious risotto with pumpkin, mushrooms and salsify chips.

Vegan │ Allergens : nuts, celery, soya, gluten (also available gluten free)


Black bean burger

Delicious burger of black beans with tomato salsa and fresh homemade chips.

Vegetarian │ Allergens : milk (incl. lactose), gluten and nuts, egg



Lightly spicy curry with homemade nasi balls and wok vegetables.

Vegan │ Allergens : nuts, gluten, sesame, celery, peanut



Delicious cod with a foam of red beet, seasonal vegetables and in the oven

roasted potatoes.

Fish │ Allergens : fish, egg, sulfite, celery, milk (incl. lactose)


Pot roast

Delicious beef stewed in La Trappe bock beer with pommes duchesse and

parsnip cream and potato garnish

Meat │ Allergens : gluten, egg, celery, sulfite, milk (incl. lactose)



Warm forest fruit crumble

Warm forest fruits crumble with coconut icecream.

Vegan │ Allergens : nuts


Chocolate hazelnut cake

Delicious chocolate hazelnut cake with raisins chutney

Vegan │ Allergens : nuts, gluten, sulfite


Banana bread

Delicious banana bread with white chocolate mascarpone and vanilla ice cream.

Vegetarian │ Allergens : milk (incl. lactose), gluten, nuts, egg,


Heavenly mud

Tasty chocolate mousse with schrobbeler  foam.

Vegetarian │ Allergens : milk (incl lactose), egg, sulfite, gluten


Cheese plateau

Cheese plateau with 4 different local cheeses, served with date syrup and rich fruit loaf

Vegetarian │ Allergens : milk (incl. lactose), nuts and gluten (also available glutenfree)



There are many options available at Waanzinnig.

Did you know the prices for a two- or three course diner is set on €23,50 and €29,50 You can choose what ever you want to, and we will help you.