Couscous salad                                                                                                  Couscous salad with pearl- and cauliflowercouscous with lime, mint and apple             Vegan │ Allergens: gluten (also available glutenfree)

Cheese croquettes                                                                                                 Amazing cheese croquettes with green herbs dip and fresh salad                    Vegetarian │ Allergens: gluten, egg, milk (incl. lactose) , mustard

Greek salad                                                                                                           Ultimate Greek salad  with feta, red onion, olives and a pesto of two kinds of tomatoes. Vegetarian │ Allergens: gluten, milk (incl. lactose)

Pickled Salmon                                                                                                       Salmon brine in orange, fennel and juniper on a kohlrabi salad with horseradish dressing                                                                                                                          Fish │ Allergens: fish, mustard, egg, soya, celery

Roast Beef                                                                                                        Slowcooked roast beef with frisse Roseval potatosalad and mayonnaise prepared with La Trappe whitebeer                                                                                            Meat │ Allergens: egg, gluten, mustard, soya, sulfite (also available gluten free)

Main courses

Delicious Bean Burger                                                                                                     A peas-/ broccoli- and beans burger with sweet potato fries and home made picalilly  Vegan │ Allergens: gluten, mustard

Poké bowl Gado Gado                                                                                         Indonesian vegetable dish with bean sprouts, boiled egg, rice and authentic satay sauce                                                                                                        Vegetarian │ Allergens: egg, soya, peanuts

Gnocchi                                                                                                                            Italian pasta dish with green spring vegetables Parmezan cheese, nuts and pine nuts  Vegetarian │ Allergens: gluten, milk (incl. lactose) , nuts, celery (also available gluten  free)

‘Fish & Chips’                                                                                                              Fried fish with polenta fries, remoulade sauce and fresh cucumber and radish salad  Fish │ Allergens: fish, gluten, sulfite, egg, soya, mustard

Lamb Duo                                                                                                                   Lamb prepared in two different ways with sage sauce, season vegetables and rösti  Meat │ Allergens: celery


Matcha green tea pie                                                                                                  Colourfull green tea pie with raspberry topping and pure chocolate flakes                   Vegan │ Allergens: nuts

Home made Vianetta                                                                                                  Amazing home made Vianetta with spring fruits Oreo crumble                                           Vegetarian │ Allergens: soya, milk (incl. lactose) , gluten (also available glutenfree)

White chocolate bavarois pie                                                                                          A delecious white chocolate bavarois pie with brownie and home made lemoncurd                                                                                                                        Vegetarian │ Allergens: gluten, milk (incl. lactose) , egg, soya

Lovely Pavlova                                                                                                               Lovely eggwhitefoam with rhubarb, rosewater and vanilla cream                          Vegetarian │ Allergens: egg, milk (incl. lactose) , nuts

Cheese Plateau                                                                                                      Cheese plateau with 4 different local cheeses, served with date syrup and rich fruit loaf                                                                                                                           Vegetarian| Allergens: milk (incl. lactose) , nuts, gluten (also available glutenfree)